CS Osborne Sail Palm
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Here is Jack's selection of Sail and Roping Palms from around the world.



CS Osborne's Sail Palm:

A fine quality rawhide palm with an iron thimble and Riveted joints


Made in:USA


W. Smith Adjustable Palm:


This affordable palm is perfect for those who will only use it occasionally. With a coarser thimble held in by a brass retainer, and a flared shield for the back of your thumb, it allows one to tackle the tasks beyond the reach of an ordinary sail palm


Made in:England


W. Smith Palm:


A Higher quality palm for those that are a bit more serious about their tools, or those with a lot of rope to deal with. This baby is built up of multiple layers of leather to withstand many years of hard usage


Made in:England






I also have some of Smith's more pricy palms, for those who want to spend the money... pics soon.

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