Jack's Sheaths for Myerchin Rigging Knives

Leather Sheath for Myerchin Offshore System
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  • Item #: FJMYSH
  • Manufacturer: Foremast Jack

FJ-Logo These are the scabbards that inspired Jack in the first place. Finding the nylon sheaths that come standard with Myerchin Knives lacking, Jack set out to create something a little saltier. Jack is currently making leather belt sheathes for Myerchin's Offshore System, Folder and Crew.

All sheaths are laser cut 8.5 oz leather and are hand stitched. They are designed and form fitted specifically for their respective knives. All metal parts are brass and non-rusting. Suede lining is applied wherever metal might chafe the knife. Jack has also taken care to provide a lanyard attachment grommet. Custom monogramming and laser etching is available (see below for laser etching details)


Leather Sheath for Myerchin Offshore Crew

Sheath for Myerchin Offshore Crew



Sheath for Myerchin Offshore Folder

Fits the new folders with attached pocket clips.Leather Sheath for Myerchin Offshore Folder



Sheath for Myerchin Offshore System (Alma):

Leather Sheath for Myerchin Offshore System

Two snaps secure knife while the unique reverse taper of the marline spike provides a snug fit. (Knives and spikes sold separately)

Sheath for Myerchin Gen 2 (Niagara)

Similar to Alma but with only one snap.



Beeswax Sealing

Jack is now offering beeswax sealing. The sheath is submerged in molten beeswax to create an impermeable finish. It colors the natural leather dark brown and stiffens the leather considerably. If left to sit for a long time, the wax will 'bloom', however simply warming it up with use (or sunlight) will return it to it's original luster. The wax will also crack on the flap with the snaps, however the leather beneath will remain intact.

Laser Etching

Jack can place vector art or a black and white picture on any of his leather products. High contrast images work best for the latter. Most logos should cost around $25.00. Depending upon the artwork, it may cost a little more. Jack will gladly do a test on a piece of scrap to make sure we're getting the desired results. Drop him line, he'll answer any questions and tell you where to send the image.

RETURN POLICY: THIS PAGE SELLS SHEATHS ONLY. KNIVES AND SPIKES ARE NOT INCLUDED. RETURNS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR NON-CUSTOMIZED ITEMS. I will work with you if a custom item is not to your satisfaction to get you the sheath you want, but only items that can be resold will be accepted for return. Adding a monogram or laser etching is considered customization.



  • Made in: San Francisco, California, USA
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