Cold Steel Throwing Knife (Bobbed)

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  • Item #: CS80TFTNCB
  • Manufacturer: Cold Steel

One big piece of steel with a cord wrapped tang as a handle. This is a rigging knife for those who don't fool around.

Cold Steel manufactures a variety of knives, many of which could be classified more as a weapon than as a tool. This is their throwing knife that has met the same fate as all of those blades of yore that were subjugated to the smithy's anvil upon embarking on a vessel. 

Jack has ground the point off (yes, I know how to avoid overheating a blade) to make this knife into something safer and more useful than it's original design.


RETURN POLICY for Jack's Original Leather Rigs: RETURNS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR NON-CUSTOMIZED ITEMS. I will work with you if a custom item is not to your satisfaction to get you the sheath you want, but only items that can be resold will be accepted for return. Adding a Monogram or Laser Etching is considered customization.

  • Blade: 5" 1055 carbon steel with black rust resistant coating
  • Handle Material: OD green paracord
  • Lanyard attachment: none
  • Belt Sheath: Nylon
  • Compare to Retail Price: 34.95 (untrimmed)
  • Made in: Taiwan
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Price $28.93
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